Your Tribute

One tribute per person must be purchased in order to play

You must be a senior at Anna high school in order to play

If you break any rules or if a host says tou are out, then you are out and you will not get a refund

Your purchase includes a tribute band you must wear this during playing times until you have fallen. If you are caught without it on you are disqualified

You may team up or make alliances with other tributes however there can only be ONE winner

Your purchase also includes the processing fee and the fees for running the website.

All money left over witch on average is 8.50 goes to a pot

There will be a weekly updated list that shows who was eliminated and who is in the game as well as bounties and other fun stuff



Bounties are a fun twist that adds to the overall winners pot, anyone is aloud to place bounties for a fee. If someone kills the person with a bounty within the speculations then they get half of the reward the other half is added to the winners pot

Certain speculations may be added to the bounties the following are aloud

-Type of weapon used (must comply with the weapons rules)

-The target

-The team

-The amount given to players for competition (maximum of 90%)

-Deadline (if not completed on time all the money goes to the pot)

Weapons/Shooting restrictions

The following “weapons” are aloud:

-Water Guns with orange tip

-Water Balloons


-Buckets of water

-Cups of water

The following are not aloud but are not limited to:

-Any solid object being thrown like ice

-Pellet guns

-Paint guns

-Real guns

-pressure washers

All “weapons” are aloud to be reviewed for disqualification by a game master

No shooting while driving and or while someone else is driving

No shooting spectators

No shooting on private property or on business property without prior permission, If a business would like to be off limits we will list them on the website.

You cannot enter someone’s house without prior permission

Parking lot is fair game,

We recommend keeping one in your car ;)

No breaking into someone’s car without parents prior permission

No Kidnapping (Seriously?)

No one from another school or underclasses are aloud to participate in the actual game

Every shot must have VIDEO proof or it does not count

No shooting is aloud between 11:00pm till 6:00am the following day

No shooting at Practices, or rehearsals, or during school hosted events THIS DOES INCLUDE FOOTBALL GAMES

This rules will probably change as admin notices the game, to keep the games going we are making shooting INSIDE THE SCHOOL BUILDING off limits (Don’t be afraid to be creative with this)

If you get into trouble with Admin/Law enforcement you are disqualified

If you get shot you must give your tribute band the the player that shot you

No shooting a player while they are on the clock at there job

No shooting other players if you are on the clock at your job

Throughout the year as the games progresses there will be certain events and/or grace periods if you do not follow these speculations then your elimination will not count

Game hosts may not participate

Elimination submitions

No inappropriate content aloud

Must show you eliminating someone and clearly who that person is

These are getting posted

Your shot will not count without video proof